Handicap Champions

Adrienne Cahalan and Cameron McDonald won the 2016 Australian 12 Foot Skiff Championship sailing Panadol Rapid, a 26 year old Nash3 design skiff.

20160329 010

The Pandol team steered clear of the Captain Morgans Rum until after the last race, keeping their time penalties low, by not winning any of the races.  Consistent scoring kept them in the game but they went into the final days racing 2 points behind the very well performing Gizmo team of James Birdsall and Ewan Duckworth.  Both skiffs were deep in the fleet but sailed well to get into the top 10 finishers in light testing conditions on Sydney Harbour, with the experienced Panadol Rapid team (having just teamed up for the event) keeping a very loose cover over the Gizmo team throughout the race.

Adrienne had put the Panadol Rapid skiff on the market before winning the Handicap Title.  Get in touch if you are interested in buying a good entry level 12 foot skiff.

Here’s a shot showing how to start when you are not the fastest skiff in the fleet (or it probably works if you are the fastest too!).


Heavy duty trapeze rings

Binks Marine Custom made Heavy Duty Trapeze Rings.

After years of dealing with trapeze ring failure risk, I discovered that Binks Marine gave up trying to get various manufactures of dinghy fitting to make trapeze rings stronger and started making their own.

Pretty hard to break these ones sailing as they are made from 1/4″ stainless steel rod, rather than the standard 3/16′”.

Used by the big boys Pete, Darren and Dave on 18 foot skiffs and Flying Dutchman.