Custom splicing

Allwood Sails in Sydney provide custom splicing for racing skiffs and a variety of other racing dinghies and yachts.

Cam has spliced custom:

  • tapered spinnaker halyards
  • tapered tack lines
  • tapered spinnaker sheets
  • endless skiff spinnaker sheets with cockpit joiners
  • tapered mainsheets
  • endless jib sheets for self tacking systems
  • trapeze lines
  • mainsheet bridles
  • boom vang cascades
  • endless furling lines

for the following classes:

  • 18 foot skiffs
  • 16 foot skiffs
  • 13 foot skiffs
  • 12 foot skiffs
  • 505 dinghies
  • Sharpies
  • Moths
  • 49ers
  • Sportsboats
  • Etchells 22
  • Catalina yachts.

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