Allwood Sails in Sydney sell Velocitek Shift, ProStart and SpeedPuck.

New release Velocitek Shift

New release Velocitek Shift

Cam and Joel also use Velocitek GPS instruments when racing sportsboats and skiffs.

Please contact Cam if you would like to buy or want to discuss how useful these products are for your sailing:

Email:  or Phone:  0433 546 356 (outside office hours).

Shift              $900
ProStart       $800
SpeedPuck  $430

Whilst I am keen Velocitek gear, I have a full time job elsewhere, so I can only help you through my business outside normal business hours (and hopefully you never have a problem related to what I do during office hours).  So, if you prefer to order immediately online, I suggest you buy from directly from my supplier’s retail website

Velocitek are a great business to deal with and you will get lots of great information from their website.

However, please avoid calling Velocitek if you…

  • have a powerful sense of entitlement on account of your wealth and/or membership in the legal profession
  • are hoping to save time by calling them instead of watching any of their video tutorials or reading the manual. On the other hand, if you checked out these materials and you are still scratching your head, please, by all means, give them a call
  • frequently interrupt your phone conversations by yelling commands at your wife, husband, crew or secretary, while keeping the telephone receiver inches from your mouth, or
  • are in the process of buying lunch.

I wish I could say that during office hours!

If the exchange rates are working for you and you prefer to buy in Australian dollars, please buy from

SailingBits are a great business to deal with too and its owners record some pretty impressive top speeds.

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