Splicing tools

We mostly splice using Selma fids and homemade wire fids.

Selma fids are sold in 4 or 5 fids. Allwood Sails also offers a single 4mm fid for $20.

Allwood Sails in Sydney sell the following splicing tools:

Please email cam@allwoodsails.com or call Cam on 0433 546 356 outside business hours if you would like to discuss or buy splicing tools.

Whilst I am keen to sell products, I have a full time job working for elsewhere, so I operate my business outside normal business hours.  If you prefer to order immediately online, I suggest you buy from my supplier Deckhardware.   Unlike me, DeckHardware answer their phone during office hours (phone  (02) 9905 9400) and their website www.deckhardware.com.au is a lot more sophisticated than mine with plenty of other great products presented.

Mel, Phil and Robyn are great to deal with and are keen sailors and supporters of sailing, who give a lot to the community as race officials and their support of the Australian Sailing Team and others.  Here are their contact details.

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