Supercharge your goals with Goalscape - visual goal management

My Dad used to race a yacht called Time and Money. Very meaningful name. Resources are limited. Spend time, money and energy in one area and you cannot not spend it anywhere else.

Read Marcus Baur’s story on why he developed Goalscape to support his Olympic 49er sailing campaign.

See the big picture overview of your life with Goalscape

Goalscape is simple, powerful visual goal-setting software. “Designed, built and used by Olympic athletes and coaches”, Goalscape allows you to::
– Be more focused
– Define goals and plans
– Set priorities
– Conquer information overload
– Track progress
– Work effectively

Goalscape gives you a unique insight and brings clarity and understanding to your work – and to your life.

Goalscape helps you adopt an effective goal oriented approach. With well-defined goals and a clear structure you can prioritize your actions, organize your time and work more effectively.

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