Fresh skiff sailing

Had a nice fouth rig sail in Brisbane today.  The I14 nationals first heat was called off due to a strong wind warning so we went out on the Allwood Sails 12 foot skiff for a quick one lap.  Loose bumpy ride.  Hit 21.9 knots on the Velocitek before the tack line blew off and we dropped the kite.

Similar to yesterday’s ride in the invitation race for the I14 nationals.  Pole launcher rope blew out, kite came back at us quickly as we crashed breaking a tiller extension.

I14 Touring Wombat with Dave Alexander and Cameron McDonald

Both days required a very hairy ride back up the Manly Boat Harbour channel at low tide.  Plenty of water over the bow.

Took out the GoPro Hero3 camera the last two days.  Lots to learn about aiming it in the right direction.