16 foot skiff Australian championship viewing

Had a very enjoyable afternoon watching race 6 of the 16 foot skiff Australian championship in scorching heat and split breezes. Well done to Hubble Chemicals on winning the race and Brydens Compensation Lawyers for their second place wrapping up the title.


Nice to see Lee, Mackie and Bridgey get the title and CST Composites‘ keen interest in the result. Nice mast, boom and spinnaker pole! And everything else.





CST Composites 16 foot skiff booms

We recently sold a couple of 16 foot skiff booms that are racing in Manly with happy new owners.

CST 16 foot skiff booms in the workshop

Bare boom section for $825. Boom section with gooseneck receiving tube and boom vang attachment (Ronstan snap shackle laminated to boom) for $1100.

See our CST Composites 16 foot skiff boom product page for more information.



Tapered 16 foot skiff main sheet

Custom tapered main sheet made from 8mm LIROS Magic Pro. 7.8m long. Taper spliced just aft of the main ratchet block at 1.5m for smoother running thru purchase blocks. Eye spliced end to easily cow hitch onto boom. Shock cord stitched in other end for tidy up system. $150.


Taper splice, locked eye splice, shock cord insert.





Washing ropes to reduce how slippery they are for the first sail after the sale!