12 foot skiff tapered mainsheets

Plenty of 12 footer mainsheets and a spinnaker sheet sold in the last week.  Must be right in the middle of the Lincoln Crowne & Company State Titles.

Brad being nice and tapering one mainsheet for his Dad on Vantage Real Estate just in time for his old one to blow a cover so he can make a new mainsheet for Garde.  Nick is looking after his Dad well by getting me to do the splicing and Ian is doing his own float rope spinnaker sheets for The Movement.

Two are made using the new LIROS DynaSoft and one stuck with a traditional taper splice in double braid (LIROS Magic Pro).

LIROS Magic ProLIROS DynaSoft

Measured LIROS Magic Pro

18ft Skiffs: NSW Championship

18ft Skiffs: NSW Championship, Race 1
Sunday, 10 November 2013, Sydney Harbour

Very enjoyable sail for the first championship race of the season.  A good strong SouthEasterly and cloudy enough for there not to be too much traffic.

See the results sheet here: 18s_Pointscore 10 Nov

See the video at www.18footerstv.com

See Frank Quealey’s photos for the idea:

action at the windward mark

first race for the new coopers 62-rag & famish

fisher & paykel chases de'longhi-rabbitohs down the first spinnaker run

rabbitohs-kenwood at speed

the battle for third place

thurlow fisher hold off the challenge from sydney city marine

viagogo rolls over the top of lumix after the first mark roundinggotta love it 7 crew make it look so easy

Frank publishes more photos on www.18footers.com.au

Video coverage of the race can be seen on www.18footerstv.com

The club’s regular spectator ferry will follow next Sunday’s Race 5 of the 3-Buoys Challenge, leaving Double Bay Wharf at 2.15pm.

See the new Macita Moth foil

See the new Macita Moth hydrofoil designed by David Lister and Luka Damic.



David and Luka designed the Macita main foil to specifically suit the Mach2 Moth and bolt straight onto the existing vertical. Their aim was to produce an alternative foil that offers a number of new design features while being stronger and stiffer than anything else on the market. They also wanted to manufacture the foils locally, in Australia, to exceed the high standards already set by the leading class builders.

Email: dave@Iprimus.com.au
Email: luka@australia.edu

505 time

Must be 505 sailing time.  Just sent some Warwick Ham made SPINNO pole ends to Airlie Beach, a 505 arrived last night a new mainsheet and bridle and hopefully my last SPINNO dual pole launcher goes on someones new mast this week.

505 spinnaker pole ends.

505 spinnaker pole ends.

Just need to sell a few more of my stock CST Composites 505 spinnaker poles and then I will be able to buy some new toys.