Welcome to Allwood Sails

In 1959 Les Allwood set up his sail loft in Brisbane and began Allwood Sails. Over the following years he built sails that featured and won many national titles in Sabots, Moths, Cherubs, skiffs, catamarans and cruising boats. In the mid 1980’s Les retired and then his son Clive, wife Wendy and staff assumed the running of the business.

Joel McDonald and Brendan Matthews took over the running of the business early in 2008. Joel was Clive Allwood’s first apprentice and returned from the Whitsundays where he had his own loft at Shute Harbour. Joel is well experienced in all aspects of sail construction from small sabot sails right through to maxi yachts. He is an experienced dinghy, skiff and yacht sailor and applies his sailing knowledge to his sail making in a very positive fashion.

Allwood Sails website is www.allwoodsails.com.au

Joel’s brother registered Allwood Sails as an independent business in New South Wales in September 2009 to sell sails produced by the Allwood Sails loft in Brisbane. To complement our custom made sails, Allwood Sails in Sydney now supplies ropes, fittings, electronics, composite tubes and sailing clothing.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Allwood Sails

  1. How do I get in contact with you about getting a sail made ?? The website is circular and doesn’t tell me any contact details and the Brisbane phone number is disconnected.

    • G’day Kerry,

      My brother has closed his sail loft. Sorry, I cannot help you with making a sail.

      I sell rope and many other things and still have the business name but cannot make sails sorry.

      Kind regards,

      Cameron McDonald
      0433 546 356

      • Cameron,

        Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry to hear that he is not making sails anymore. My boat is a Graduate, made sometime in the sixties and the sails were made by Les Allwood. I got some adjustments done to the main a couple of decades ago and Les himself did them. I appreciated the personal contact and the nice job he did.

        Could you recommend anyone in the Brisbane area who would be willing to make a small sail (jib) and preferably on the Northside?


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